A Journey To Northern Pakistan – Valley Kaghan

General 14 August 2014 | Comments Off on A Journey To Northern Pakistan – Valley Kaghan

That's me in center!  River KunharOn 12th June 2014, I was accompanied along with my wife on a 7 days tour to Valley Kaghan, locally famous as "Wadi-e- Naran Kaghan". Kaghan Valley is 161 Km long covered with snow capped mountains, lush green forests, noisy waterfalls, chilly rivers,  lakes and rhythmic songs of birds and trees all around.  Since it is the 67th Independence day of my homeland Pakistan, I therefore decided to share the beautiful experience  of Naran-Kaghan on this Splendid day of Peace and liberty. This trip was planned just after two months of my wedding ceremony which took place on 12th April 2014. Let me take you straight on a roller coaster ride of this exciting journey!

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